About us

Hi, my love! Happy that you are interested in Affi and who we are!
This company is based in Latvia. We stand for a fully-fledged life and all opportunities that we can give to ourselves. 
We do believe in will power, power of manifestation, affirmations and self motivation.Sometimes all we need is a small reminder, boost or just the right word at the right time.
And that is what we can offer you - daily affirmations (right words at the right time).
On our social media accounts we offer you our amazing products together with daily affirmations. 
I am Affi owner Agnese, I call Affi my 3rd baby - and it is great. Because only babies can get that much attention, love and time, right? 
Every products, every line, every text has been living with me for a while, because I want to give you only the best, my love! 
Affi is product of believing in myself and huge work, so you could get only the best products that there is!